LORAC Pro Palette - Review & Swatches

Saturday, March 26, 2016

When I first got this palette and swatched everything (within in seconds of tearing through the bubblewrap lol) I was a little disappointed. Every shade just seemed so warm on my skin tone....so off to the dark-drawer-of-palette-doom it went.

A week or so later one of my girlfriends asked me if she could see it as she couldn't decide between the PRO and PRO 2 so I busted it out again and for some reason (maybe because two of us were looking at it?) it didn't seem so blah. Because of this I put it back on my vanity in case the fancy to use it struck.

Fast forward to today and it has slowly but surely worked its way from my vanity into my bathroom/makeup bag replacing my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette as part of my go-to daily eye makeup routine and my go-to travel palette. Who'd a thunk it?

  • great amount of mattes and shimmers, unlike some other neutral palettes where you only get two or three mattes, this has eight
  • speaking of mattes, they’re soft, buttery and a dream to blend
  • versatility - not only do I use these as eyeshadows but also as brow powder and eyeliner (with a damp MAC 263 brush) which cuts down how many products I need to take with me when I travel
  • sturdy, no-nonsense black cardboard packaging which is slim and travels well
  • you can easily create a sophisticated everyday look that you can transform into a extravagant night time look all with the same palette
  • comes with a bonus mini eyeshadow primer which is pretty decent (I still prefer my TFSS)
  • I was able to purchase mine off amazon.com for $42USD (a cheaper price than the USD rrp shown on LORAC's site), only paid $5.96USD in postage and it arrived in 10 days.

  • if I don’t use a primer (luckily it comes with one) my oily lids WILL eat the shadows within 2 hours - however this happens with all eye shadows on me
  • I wish there was one neutral or cooler toned matte brown, just to make life easier
  • the shade Champagne is a glitter bomb which I always forget and end up with glitter all over my face >.>
  • the shade Deep Purple is mostly black with a purple shift/reflect; in person the black base seems to completely overwhelm the beautiful purple shimmer which is a shame
  • all these shades are dupable/you may already have these shades in other palettes

Size Comparison to UD's Naked 2 palette

here you can see that the LORAC Pro has a slimmer profile than the UD N2


damp brush swatches shot under daylight balanced studio lights, here you can get a feel for the size of the palette too

above are dry finger swatches on bare non-primed, non-moisturised skin shot under daylight balanced studio lights

above are damp brush swatches on the back on my hand, non-primed but moisturised skin under daylight balanced studio lights

It took me a while to "warm up" (terrible pun, I'm sorry!) to, but the LORAC Pro really is a fantastic workhorse of a palette that's super consistent. Its reliability and ease of use in creating everyday looks has me reaching for it again and again. If you haven't already succumbed to one of the million nude/natural palettes out there, or you're just an eyeshadow junkie like me, I definitely recommend adding the LORAC Pro to your collection.

*this item was purchased with my own money

Bambi xox

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