Friday, 20 May 2016

Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk - a love affair

It seems that no matter how many makeup products I buy, I will always be on that eternal hunt for my holy grail foundation. From high end to drugstore, mineral to liquid, sheer to heavy, BB to CC and every bloody thing else on the market these days, I still can't find that perfect base. But one does come awfully close, Giorgio Armani's gorgeous Lasting Silk.

Below are all the reasons why GA is so damn good and the one tiny issue that keeps it from being a HG for me.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Quickie Holy Grail Post - Brows!

Have you ever taken a product for granted? You use it everyday, it lives in your makeup bag, follows you everywhere like the proverbial old faithful and yet you don't give it a second thought? That was my relationship with my brow liner.

Until it ran out last week and I realised two things; 1) holy shit I now *hate* doing my brows in the morning and 2) my k-palette brow liner is the holiest of grail brow products known to mankind. NO joke. For realsies guys.

Needless to say I'll never take it for granted again!

You're probably sitting there thinking I've finally lost the plot, I mean how good could a brow liner really be? Well sit back and let me tell you how I found this little gem and how it changed my life brow game.