Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Google+ broke all my image links :( *UPDATED*

*UPDATE* - so I FINALLY got through all the posts on my blog and re-uploaded all the images. Let me know if you stumble on a post that has a broken image so I can fix that up too :)

Google+ broke all my image links :( - sorry guys I have to go manually add all the links for ALL THE IMAGES ON MY BLOG >.<

Which now means I have to go add one at a time all my images to my posts and re-do all the properties text on them all


I think this might just be the push I need to switch over to and force myself to learn how to built a site on their CMS instead of blogger.

Please hang in there guys, I should hopefully have the images all re-uploaded by tomorrow (even if it takes me all night!) starting from the most recent post to the oldest.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Smoked Out Duochrome EOTD

So this was a quick look I want to try on my gorgeous bestie Gen - she has these big jade green eyes that I thought would just look awesome with the rust brown/teal duochrome of Insomnia pigment.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

RBR's Raw Garden Eyeshadow Palette in Chronos (LE) - Review/First Impression

It's here!! I first spied this palette back at the beginning of the year in the Backstage photos post on the RBR blog and spent the next few months waiting for it to emerge. As soon as it did, I snapped one up right away! Below are my first impressions / initial review. (p.s its pic heavy)