Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Google+ broke all my image links :( *UPDATED*

*UPDATE* - so I FINALLY got through all the posts on my blog and re-uploaded all the images. Let me know if you stumble on a post that has a broken image so I can fix that up too :)

Google+ broke all my image links :( - sorry guys I have to go manually add all the links for ALL THE IMAGES ON MY BLOG >.<

Which now means I have to go add one at a time all my images to my posts and re-do all the properties text on them all


I think this might just be the push I need to switch over to and force myself to learn how to built a site on their CMS instead of blogger.

Please hang in there guys, I should hopefully have the images all re-uploaded by tomorrow (even if it takes me all night!) starting from the most recent post to the oldest.

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