Quickie Holy Grail Post - MAC Fix+ Spray!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Time for another Quickie Holy Grail post!!

Today it's MAC Fix+ spray!

An oldie but a goody, I first discovered MAC Fix+ way back when I discovered Makeup Geek and realised people put makeup tutorials on teh interwebz and it's been a HG item ever since. Honestly, its my most repurchased cosmetic item ever.

MAC Fix+ sitting on my counter 

What I love about it: 

It's the perfect weapon for erasing too much powder or too heavily applied foundation. It also smells great and feels hydrating on your skin. Also it doubles as a handy hair product for dialling down that awful super crunchy/powdery look from using too much dry shampoo. 

Is the hype true? 

Yes and No. Yes it's awesome to finish makeup, adding back in a glowy quality to the skin and reducing any over-powdering that may have happened, but no it doesn't "set" your makeup. Use a primer under your foundation for longevity instead :) 


Oh hells yes! LOL I go through at least 4 bottles a year....and that's as an average every day women who isn't a makeup artist and doesn't wear makeup every day. Back in my single days when I was out clubbing a lot I would go through more as I was wearing makeup more often.


$27 AUD from MAC counters in both Myer and David Jones
or MAC stores (Eastern states) 


Can be found here 

Anything else?

It's also available in these freaking adorable travel size bottles!! *squee*
You can also open the bottles and refill them - I tend to have a few bottles on the go at the same time and will sometimes decant them into one bottle. You can even put plain water and leave-in conditioner in a bottle, shake it up and use it as a DIY hair detangler/spritzer :) 

in front is the adorable travel size edition that lives in my handbag and behind is my ever growing collection of empties

the spritz in action! as you can see its a super fine mist that only requires a half press to achieve 

Bambi xox

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  1. I have seen this at my MAC counters, but really had no idea what it was. This post was very informational and now I really want to try it! Please come visit my new blog too at http://melissygoose.blogspot.com/

    1. Hi Melissy!

      Thanks so much for the comment:) and I'm glad the post was helpful! You should definitely try Fix+ out, changed my life LOL


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