Femme Fatale Cosmetics Haul - First Impressions Roundup (finally!)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

First up apologies for the insane delay in getting this post done, as usual life stuff in the form of multiple birthdays, rent inspections and job hunting got in the way again but as I promised here is it is :)

*If you haven't checked them out already, here are the links to part 1, part 2 and part 3 - swatches can be found at these links.

Overall I'm seriously impressed with the constancy of textures throughout the various shades I hauled. My only concerns were with some of the duochromes like The Nightmare and Desecration which were fiddly to apply and required layering and primers to make the most of their unique colour shifts.

Which leads us to an email I received a couple of weeks ago - right as I was in the middle of getting all the swatch posts done, of course lol.

Basically due to application difficulties with a number of oxide based shades like the above mentioned duochromes, FFC have decided to reformulate some under the same name or as a similar colour under a new name - these will be available some time in July.

Which is a shame because I think about 6 of the shades on that list I reviewed! >.< Either way I'm definitely curious to see what the reformulations will be like.

My favourites out of the entire lot I purchased would have to be Reindeer Dust, Starcaller, Bone Dust, Camp Jellyjam, Exorcism, The Nightmare (DC), Nexus (DC), Lovely Luck (LE) and Candied Apple - and these are just the favourites, so many of the other shades were awesome too!

~Purchasing & Pricing~

As for my customer experiences, I found the price of their 3g mini jars reasonable ($3.85 for 0.70 to 0.90 grams in a 3g jar with sifter).

The website itself is easy to use with a clean, easy to read layout/colour scheme, has great product photography and includes on-skin/nail swatches. This is what suckered me into hauling so much in the first place lol - some indie makeup sites are just down right difficult with black backgrounds/white text layouts and dodgy checkout systems that never seem to work no matter how much I love their products (I'm looking at you Meow and Fyrinnae).


The shipping time was standard but expensive if you're used to cheap or free postage - although it is Auspost and I live in WA so that's to be expected. If you're an Aussie in near Greenslopes, Brisbane I believe you can email FFC for a direct pick up service.

For international beauty lovers FFC recently changed their shipping options to DHL only - they have some info available on their site but you can always go to DHL to get specific weights and costs. I've seen on the indie makeup subreddit that a lot of FFC lovers purchase in bulk in a group to cut down on postage costs, so that could be the way to go if you're overseas.

~Loyalty Program & Freebies~

FFC have a decent rewards/points system (every 50c = 1 point, after discounts, not including shipping) that I would actually consider when making future purchases - which is out of the norm for me because honestly I don't give a crap take loyalty programs into consideration when shopping. The only one I actually take advantage of maybe once or twice a year is my 10% off at strawberrynet.

The site states the following regarding freebies:
"We do not respond to requests for free samples. Complimentary samples are included in orders that contain over $10 merchandise of Femme Fatale powder cosmetics (while stock is available).
If a brand provides samples to us, we pass those on in orders which contain items from that brand"
I personally received 7 eye shadow samples when I purchased this haul of 20 mini eyeshadows and 140 points on my account.

So for my first foray into Femme Fatale Cosmetics I was thoroughly impressed and would definitely purchase again.....in factI already have lol - I got the Narnia limited edition sampler pack which I will review and swatch soon!

If you're an indie enthusiast or an Aussie that wants to try out some indie brands and only pay for shipping once, I definitely recommend checking out Femme Fatale Cosmetics.

*All products mentioned in this mini series were purchased by me with my own cold hard cash and there are NO affiliate links throughout, so feel free to click away!

Bambi xox

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