Cargo - A Vintage Escape Kit - Review

Friday, August 29, 2014

I recently hauled some goodies from snet which included this super cute Cargo limited edition kit. This particular kit has been out for a while now and is no longer available on the Cargo site but can be picked up at various 3rd party sites/distributors - mine cost $26AUD from

I've previously only tried Cargo's liquid foundation but had read great things about their blushes and was keen to try some out! I saw the kit and thought for $26 its a pretty good bargain to try out 4 Cargo products.

On to the kit!

A Vintage Escape includes :

1x Essential Lip Color - in Dubai 2.8g/0.1oz
1x Eyeshadow Single - in Yukon 3.5g/0.12oz
1x Water Resistant Blush - in Bali 2.5g/0.08oz
1x HD Picture Perfect Eyeshadow Primer 5g/0.17oz
1x 3 Triple Action Mascara 4.5ml/0.15oz

I'm a big fan of kits as I love trying stuff before committing to full size purchases, however let's be real, they're often hit and miss and generally have only one or two items that actually end up in my makeup bag. So colour me surprised when I legit liked all the included Cargo products!

- Great opaque formula, smooth and neither hydrating or drying, forgiving on my average condition lips and had decent lasting power of about 4 hours with an even fade after eating - it was completely gone after my second snack. The colour was an odd one for me though, in the tube it looks like a lovely muted coral but on my lips and skin it reads as more of a darker brick toned peach with strong orange/red undertones.

Eyeshadow Single in Yukon
- This is the stand out item of the whole kit for me! The formula is buttery soft, blends beautifully with a gorgeous metallic finish and the colour is amazeballs. I lovooooove taupes, especially those that have that great plummy/lavender/ashy tone - which Yukon has in spades. In the photos it was hard to capture the true tone but in person its lovely - this went immediately into my makeup bag as it totally qualifies as a an everyday staple (and perfect for a fall work/daytime look with a darker lip). Wear time lasted a full 8 hr night shift over the included Cargo HD Picture Perfect Eyeshadow Primer with no fading or creasing.

- Talk about resistant, this blush Did. Not. Move! The formula is easy to blend and has that nice medium pigmentation that allows you to layer it to the perfect intensity. The colour is a pretty cool toned pastel pink on the skin with this super, super subtle lavender duchrome reflect (which was a nice surprise when I swatched it!). Very wearable and built for long days - I did try the splash test and a definite stain was still visible, you'll need makeup remover/cleanser to remove completely. Again, straight into my makeup bag!

- Again another solid addition, this is a fair skin-toned primer with a thin liquid consistency very similar (dupe-worthy to be honest) to Too Face Shadow Insurance. It applied exactly the same way TFSI does and dried down to a smooth matte base. It kept my eyeshadow crease free for a full 8 hrs, no problem.

- An OK mascara - the formula is a super black, with a slick/wet consistency which applied easily and didn't flake or transfer. The brush is one of those plastic fringe type dealies that's flexible enough not to be a pain in the ass while using, but hurts like a mofo if you stab yourself in the eye due to lack of sleep/natural clumsiness. I found it nicely separated my lashes and added an average amount of volume but no curl and not at lot of additional length. So not fantastic but not terrible - overall I achieved natural wispy lash look with it.

Vintage Escape kit in Action 

Here I've thrown together a quick no fuss, no muss 10 minute look using all the above mentioned products. My foundation is the Bare Skin serum by bareMinerals - review to come but heads up I'm not a fan. If you'd like a full break down/quick tutorial of the look leave a comment below.

And here are some swatches of all the products 

L-R: Dubai, Bali sheered out and heavy, Yukon, HD Eyeshadow Primer sheered out and heavy, Triple Action Mascara

Overall I'm very happy with my purchase and will definitely be picking up some more Cargo eyeshadows and blushes. While the primer is a great dupe for my current holy grail TFSI, the price point puts it at only $1 cheaper for the same amount of product, so there's no real incentive to jump ship. The Vintage Escape kit is still available on and if you want to try/swatch the individual items in person, Kit Cosmetics are an official stockist with decent pricing for Australia.

So yeah, if you're in the market for some new reasonably priced makeup goodies checkout Cargo cosmetics!

Bambi xox

*this item was purchased by myself with my own money, none of the links included are affiliate links.

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  1. Ooooh I loved this set - I picked it up at the end of October last year and Yukon and Bali went straight into my November favourites post. I've already hit pan on Bali...! I agree about the lipstick, I'm still trying to make it work. But I think it looks really nice on you!


    1. Hi Rachel

      Thanks for the comment! Both Yukon and Bali have been getting a solid workout living in my makeup bag (they're great sizes for travelling too) but sadly the lippie has been lost in the lonely depths of my lip product drawer :(

      Have you tried any other shades of the Cargo eye shadows? I keep meaning to pick some more up but my wishlist is a lil out of control at the moment!

      Bambi x


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