Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz - Review

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Medium Ash

A while ago I picked up the famous Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz (from Net-a-Porter) in Medium Ash, here's my thoughts...

...I didn't like it. 

Honestly, I didn't see what all the fuss was about. To be fair, my eyebrow needs aren't the in the majority. I have super fine, long, dead straight black hairs that are very sparse. My biggest problem with filling in my brows is that a large amount of the applied product needs to be placed directly on to the skin between my brow hairs - as opposed to the more common application or brushing/swiping product on top of the hairs themselves in order to fill in/darken/define the brow. 

I find sheer pencil brow products (like the Brow Wiz) that require multiple passes to build up intensity, leave behind fine, gritty particles on my skin which I think makes it look really obvious that I've drawn my brows on. I prefer liquid pen-type-dealies as I find the application and layering of pigment/intensity doesn't leave behind noticeable residue. 

So when it came to using the Brow Wiz, it just didn't tick any of my boxes. 
Boxed Brow Wiz
an individual Brow Wiz comes in a matte black packaging with foiled embossed type 
closeup shot of bronze lettering detail on side of brow wiz crayon
bronzed letting on the side of the pencil/crayon and the Anastasia Beverly Hills logo

close-up shot of brow wiz nib/pencil end
super tiny nib of the crayon/pencil that winds up by turning the base 
Brow Wiz held in between thumb and forefinger to show scale
held between thumb and forefinger, the Brow Wiz is a delicate and super slim crayon - much thinner than a standard lip pencil. It also has a Net Weight of 0.085gm 

Brow Wiz in Medium Ash swatched heavily to sheer
 Medium Ash swatched from one stroke that's barely visible on the right top hand side with increasing repetitive strokes down to the heaviest swatch on the bottom land hand side - you can see as the product builds up it becomes texturally visible


My work bestie Kat had also been dying to try out the Brow Wiz and in the same colour Medium Ash, so I brought it in to work for her to swatch/try (sterilised of course). 
Lo and behold she loved it!! The lucky wench has fantastic thicker brows that really only need a little product around the edges for definition and neatening of her arches. 

Brow Wiz brow pencil standing upright with lid off

She took it off my hands in a heartbeat! So while personally I don't feel the Brow Wiz lives up to the hype surrounding it, depending on your brow needs it could be a go for you. If you've tried it and loved it or maybe felt smeh like I do, let me know why in the comments below!  

Bambi xox 

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