Anastasia Beverley Hills Product Rave! - Dipbrow & Metallic Luster Liners

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

ABH dipbrow pomade and metallic lustre liner on a warm gold background

ZOMG! That one word pretty much sums up my love for these two products :) Anastasia Dipbrow Pomande & Metallic Luster Liners.

As you guys may have seen, the last ABH "holy grail" rave product I tried was the famous Brow wiz. If you read the post you probably also know that I wasn't that impressed with the overall product. On the flip side I did manage to trade it to Kat who fell in love with it.

Colour me hesitant when my other bestie Gen proclaimed that Dipbrow was her new holy-grail-better-than-sliced-bread brow product. Did I bother to try another hyped ABH product?

But then Black Friday sales happened and I thought, fuck it, why not try it out while it's on sale? Plus I also wanted to try the Metallic Luster liners that I'd seen around and looked amazeballs (more on those puppies later).
ABH dipbrow pomade and metallic lustre liner on plain white background

So after deliberating and googling swatches I decided Dark Brown was my shade instead of Granite as I wanted something dark enough to suit my almost black hair but wouldn't look like I'd just drawn on my brows with a Sharpie.

opened dipbrow in dark brown and taupe
L-R: Dipbrow in Taupe & Dark Brown 

When my goodies arrived I was fairly ambivalent towards the Dipbrow and didn't bother swatching it for a few days. But oh boy, once I did I couldn't believe how amazing it was!

It went on smoothly and cleanly with nice sharp edges due to it being a cream brow product with a similar texture to gel eyeliner but with more slip (also in part thanks to my MAC 263 angled brush).
opened dipbrow 2
dipbrow label details
Dipbrow in Dark Brown swatched using MAC 263 angled liner brush
Dipbrow in Dark Brown swatched using MAC 263 angled liner brush
Dipbrow in Taupe swatched using MAC 263 angled liner brush
Dipbrow in Taupe swatched using MAC 263 angled liner brush

For the first time since I'd discovered my love-of-all-loves K-palette eyebrow pen, I'd found a brow product that gave me precision and allowed my to lay down pigment on the skin BETWEEN my brow hairs. Hallelujah!

And the longevity is insane - below is a photo of me after an 1.5hr intense/sweaty workout, my foundation and blush are gone and my eyeshadow is struggling to not crease but the Dipbrow is still near perfect!

dipbrow lasting through a full work out

dipbrow and lustre long lasting closeup
a close up shot of the Dipbrow's lasting power after a crazy work out and the gold Metallic Lustre liner on my waterline 

And that was it - I was sold. My only criticism is I find it hard to create non uber-brows lol but that's more to do with my technique than the product itself.

Currently there are 11 shades available on ABH's site and they offer international shipping (including Australia) at a meh price - it's definitely worth splitting the shipping cost with a buddie on a bulk order together. At a cost of only $18 for a whopping 4g of product these babies are definitely affordable. And as you can see I caved and bought another Dipbrow in Taupe, the price is too good to pass up! 

metallic lustre liners in hand

On to the Metallic Lustre liners. I first saw these in a video by Sam from Pixiwoo - she had the gold one and used it in her everyday look which hooked me straight away. It just seemed to apply so easily and pigmentedly (so not a word) to her waterline that I knew I had to have it.

As mentioned above I got the gold pencil during the Black Friday sales last November and as soon as I swatched it I knew. This was it. All other pencils would now be measured against this one and most likely fall short. This truly is the one to rule them all!

It applies like a dream, laying down opaque colour in a single swipe, and once set it does not budge. All this on my freaking waterline! Boom, instant Holy Grail status.

anastasia metallic luster liner in Liquid Gold & Liquid Silver swatched over bare skin
Liquid Gold & Liquid Silver swatched over bare skin
anastasia metallic lustre liner liquid gold reflect swatch
here you can see the high metallic reflect of the gold shade - it's a lovely soft gold, not obnoxious or brassy at all 

The silver pencil while lovely still needs 2 to 3 passes before its opaque but once again, once it sets it doesn't move all day.

So yeah, sorry for the extended rave about these two products, but if you're looking for a new way to put on your brows/have been living under a rock for the last year check out ABH's Dipbrow Pomade. And if you're on the never-ending quest for the ultimate waterline eye liner pencil please try the gold Metallic Lustre pencil, trust me you won't regret it!

Bambi xox

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