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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Hey, long time no see!

bunker bay summer
the beautiful Bunker Bay

So I wanted to write up a post to apologise/explain my absence these past few months.... and show you some of the adventures my other half and I have been on this past summer.... and update you on some crazy recent personal news.

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably already seen half of these lol! But summer lovin' aside, there have been some big life changes going on.

I quit my day job!

Unfortunately it's not so I can write this blog full time (although that's the dream :D ), but because I'd reached a point at my last job where I felt I had out grown it and it was taking over my life in a negative way. It was a hard decision to make and I already miss my lil work family that I've been with for the last 6 years, but at the end of the day it was the right decision for me/us. Also, it's super weird not working for the first time in over 14 years - and this is only day 3!

None of this would be possible without my loving, amazing and supportive fiancé, who went over every worst case scenario with me when I was deciding if I should give notice, who keeps telling me everyday that everything will be ok and is willing to work his butt off while I look for whatever the next step in my career path may be.

Now enough with the mushy stuff, roll the photos!

As we live in the southern hemisphere, summer has only just finished up. These below shots are from back in January on our vacation down south at this gorgeous spot called Bunker Bay. All the chillin', beach and wines :)

travelling there and arriving

our lush room

epic brekky with a view

yet another beach day and my attempts to help :P

delicious food

more beautiful bays nearby

poolside mojitos!

and more delicious noms at a nearby brewery

Then we had Valentine's day (I can't find any photos!), followed almost right away by my birthday in March.

my awesome presents and of course b'day cheesecake

followed by random fish n chips on the beach at sunset and way too much glare

Followed by the first race of the Formula 1 2015 season in Melbourne - plus some light shopping :P

all the crazy loudness of the F1 at Albert Park

after doing some damage on Chapel St in South Yarra

Crazy news aside, this means I have more time to do life stuff that makes me happy, like this blog! So hang in there, I've got a backlog of pending posts a mile long that I can't wait to publish, plus a million swatches, more reviews, a few rants and even some video tutorials (fingers crossed) to show you! 

And thanks for sticking around this far :)

Bambi xox

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