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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

I first stumbled across the Succulence of Dew Sheer Lipsticks by RBR while browsing Shameless Fripperies blog. To be honest I was actually trawling Karima's gorgeous blog in search of RBR eye shadow swatches after reading all the hype splashed across the make up blogosphere in an attempt to justify my - let's be honest - impending spending guilt.
So after many weeks of research and constant um-ing and arr-ing, I decided to bite the bullet. Serendipitously, my long winded indecision meant that I was in time for the new RBR web boutique to be launched, saving me from purchasing my goodies from a third party site and paying a significant mark-up/extra in postage.

oh, yes, the lipsticks, that's what I'm reviewing lol.

Sooooo while delving into my first RBR eye shadow foray, I realised if I spent just a tad more *cough* $35 more *cough* I would get the almost free express shipping, WIN!! Here beginith the RBR SoD love affair in the shade Perfume of His Gaze.

left: indirect sunlight                                                                                     right: flash 

The colour is a lovely pinked-up-beige-nude which on my slightly darker pigmented lips appears as a lush, slightly sparkling glow of neutral colour that looks like "My Lips But Better" (as I have now learnt from the interwebz is the correct term for what I wished my lips looked like all the time). The colour is so inoffensive that I have no qualms about applying it straight from the bullet, mirror free while walking, almost as carefree as a lip balm. The other glorious Holy Grail factor is the scent/flavour. It's a intriguingly new synthetic flavour that I've yet to come across in my cosmetics, a lovely honey infused floral scent that has me (counter productively) licking my lips. Not too floral and not too sweet or plastic I find it a tasty joy to wear.

left swatch: indirect light                                                                     right swatch: flash

My only criticism, and it's barely one at that, is the lasting power. In my experience for a sheer lipstick I get pretty decent wear time, I'd guestimate at about 4 hrs or by my very scientific formula of 1 x wine + dinner = almost all gone and I should reapply.

Overall I would highly recommend these lipsticks as they are an all round fantastic product, fuss free and lovely to use. Since my first happy purchase I have also picked up Murmurings with plans to invest in more from the collection. For those interested, all the available shades can be found over at the Rouge Bunny Rouge web boutique.

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