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Friday, May 06, 2016

Have you ever taken a product for granted? You use it everyday, it lives in your makeup bag, follows you everywhere like the proverbial old faithful and yet you don't give it a second thought? That was my relationship with my brow liner.

Until it ran out last week and I realised two things; 1) holy shit I now *hate* doing my brows in the morning and 2) my k-palette brow liner is the holiest of grail brow products known to mankind. NO joke. For realsies guys.

Needless to say I'll never take it for granted again!

You're probably sitting there thinking I've finally lost the plot, I mean how good could a brow liner really be? Well sit back and let me tell you how I found this little gem and how it changed my life brow game.

I originally discovered brow pens after reading a Shamfrips blog post where Karima mentioned the Suqqu liquid brow pen in Moss Green which was apparently the bees-knees (and she blames Lisa Eldridge for turning her onto it) in taupey greyish brown goodness. So off to the Google machine I went to acquire one for myself....then I saw the price. Back to said Google machine and the hunt for a decently priced dupe began.

Pages of interwebz and comment combing later, I came across K-Palette's 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner 24hrs (phew talk bout a long ass name!) in Grey Brown 02. After some further hunting, I tracked it down on beautycarousel.com for the very reasonable price of $19 and without further ado put that bad boy in my cart and clicked checkout. Lucky for me beautycarousel.com is based in Singapore and I'm in Perth, so I didn't have to wait ages until it was in my hot little hands.

*On a side note, I discovered that a small, locally based, asian beauty store called Cosme Hut also stocks the k-palette range of brow and eyeliner pens for about $25-$32. They were out of stock of the 02 shade when I last checked :(

packaging front + back

On to the product itself, its a fairly light/sheer liquid stain housed inside a standard eyeliner pen container. The tip is a delicate, finely pointed brush made up of super thin synthetic bristles and reminds me of Maybelline's Master Precise Liquid liner pen. The beauty of such a fine pointed brush means you can draw tiny little hair like strokes for a really natural and soft looking brow.

The shade is a gorgeous taupey, ashy, dark-brown-almost-charcoal-black that perfectly suits my brows. There's no warmth here whatsoever and thanks to its sheerness you won't see any stark sharpie-esk brows with this bad boy.

swatches under studio lights

Application is easy-peasy but does take a while to layer to opaque - however, again thanks to the initial sheerness, you can get away with a haphazard slap-dash approach if you're in a rush which I always am.

Its perfect for laying down colour directly onto the skin in those pesky gaps between hairs, especially if you have brows so sparse they're essentially pointless maybe I should just shave them off?.

Below is a shot of one brow lightly filled in with a second coat on the arch and tail. This is my go to look, however, if I want to add more depth I generally layer a tinted brow gel on top and take a bit of powder through the underneath line blending upwards.

'scuse the lack of makeup! before and after shot in windowed daylight 

The only con I've come up with is that I didn't buy another before my last one dried up. I've learnt my lesson now though, I'll never again go without my trusty k-palette brow liner because drawing, filling or shading my brows in every morning for work, in a word, blows. Don't make my mistake, if you're sparse of brow or volumely challenged, go grab one of these now and give it a go!

Bambi xox

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