Back from Winter Hiatus!

Friday, September 30, 2016

I'm back! Huzzah! 

As the days grew shorter and the temperature dropped, it probably seemed like I'd crawled off into a cozy cave of forgetfulness and Netflix to wait out the chilly winter months, instead of being a diligent content creator and tending to my blog. But alas it was more a hurricane of hectic-ness than humble hibernation that kept me away!  

Planning and throwing my best friend's hen's night (plus all the other maid of honour duties), two trips to Victoria, one for a family snow holiday, the other for my partner's 30th, a funeral, my best friend's wedding, our own anniversary, two job promotions out of nowhere, a random rent inspection at the most inconvenient time, oh and finishing up the uni semester then differing my degree because I'd somehow glossed over in my head or was in denial about the last time I was in college and how much studying/exams suck (unless you really, really want to be what you're learning about when you grow up), is basically how I've spent the past few crazy-pants months. 

Phew. *must remember to breathe lol*  

It was definitely a social event/life-stuff marathon of a winter but I remembered to stay hydrated and push through that wall luckily as the sun has become brighter and earlier each morning while the air still turns any exposed body parts into icicles, the start of spring means I finally have some semblance of routine and normalcy back in my life. Which also means for the few readers out there that bother to stop by (I'm counting the imaginary ones too :P) I will be posting content both regularly and often once more. 

If you haven't seen or weren't aware, I didn't go completely dark. I've still been active on my Instagram account @bambikailand when the opportunity arises; so follow me if you'd like to keep up to date or just see more of the random beauty purchases and shenanigans I get up to that don't often make it to the blog. 

And because I'm still feeling a little guilty about being such a neglectful wench writer this winter, here are some photos from the past few months to enjoy :) 

- Beautiful Falls Creek, Victoria, Australia -
Went to an amazing boutique spa to help work out all the bruises and muscle soreness from falling on my ass all day snowboarding, there's a review about it coming up! Plus spending time with my lovely partner and his beautiful extended family that we don't see nearly enough.

- M's 30th in Melbourne - 
Being massive foodies it was such a treat to celebrate at our favourite chef, Mr Heston Blumenthal's amazing restaurant "Dinner with Heston" at the Crown Casino in Melbourne.

- My BFF's Hen's Night/Wedding - 
Ugh so much love! I can't say enough how happy/blessed/thrilled/proud I am that my gorgeous bestie is all grown up and married. She crazily let me be her maid of honour and while we had an absolute blast at her hen's night (there's a post about setting it up, affordable decorations, games etc coming soon) her wedding was just beyond perfect. Full of family, friends and an overwhelming amount of love for her and her new hubby. 

- Hair Shenanigans -
And lastly some fun photos of my hilarious hair journey. I've essentially gone from a long haired brunette for the last 5 years to an A-line lobbed lavender wannabe anime character for the past few months. It's not stopping there either! I've had my eye on some bright teal dye that'll be the perfect summer hair colour mwuahahha. And yes, I hear you,  there is definitely an upcoming blog post about all the steps it took and the swamp monster impressions that happened along the way as well as some great new-to-me hair product recommendations and possible holy grails, so stay tuned! 

Bambi xox

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