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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Let's be honest, as much as I love dramatic full face makeup and using all my brushes when possible, on the mornings I bother wearing makeup to work I just don't have the time or energy. I am seriously NOT a morning person LOL.

This is where some of my ultimate fave products come into play. Some are particular brands while others are a particular type of product. More often than not I would only use these items in the morning and if someone said I could only pick 5 things to do my face these would be it!

I've separated the following into two groups, Face and Eyes.

- Face -

1. Foundation - Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk in 4.5
At this point in time Armani LS is my go to foundation. It's quick and easy to apply with hands, doesn't need a primer or powdering after applying on my combo oily skin (which rocks!), doesn't look cakey but has great coverage, has a small SPF for extra protection for daytime wear and will last a full 8hr day at work with a nice non-shifting melt down that while could be retouched at the 5hr mark doesn't really need it.

Time to apply - 2mins

2. Cream Blush that's Lip Safe - Stila Convertible Color in Peony
I love a product that can do two things at once! Luckily with my combo skin (while it devours pretty much all foundations >.>) my cheeks are dry enough that cream blush actually lasts. Add to that a fuss free easy to reapply lip product and I'm in! To apply I just use my fingers to dab on the cheeks and swipe on my lips.
Here I've got Stila's convertible colour but I like to mix it up and use a range of blush/lip combos like RBR's and Becca's. 

Time to apply - cheeks 3mins, lips 30sec

- Eyes -

1. Brow Pen - K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow 24HR in 02
Holy Grail Batman!! Ever since I saw Karima's review on the Suqqu brow pen in Moss I thought to myself I neeeeeed to get that......unfortuantely without trying it first and the fact that I rarely bothered filling in my brows I really couldn't justify the 40AUD price tag. So off to google I went in search of a dupe - low and behold I find one! The K-Palette brow pen is a great lil buy and does everything I need - it's nice a sheer but builds up opacity quickly, the colour is dark brown that's very neutral/greyish without any redness and once set it doesn't budge.
Ever since I switched to a brow pen instead of a powder and brush or a pencil my life has been changed, no jks LOL! Seriously though I save way more time and end up with a much more natural result even if I'm heavy handed or rushing.

Time to apply - 4mins

2. Liquid Eyeliner - Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner in Black 0
I've always had a love affair with liquid liners, I just never really go the point hang of gel liners and I've never really gotten a nice clean cat's eye with a kohl pencil. So moving from a dippy wand brush style liquid liner to a pen style was revolutionary! It cut my application time down by half at least. No re-dipping, no smudges from touching the wand accidentally, no mastering the right amount of pressure to make the brush the right width just literal drawing on my face! Huzzah!
A quick subtle cat's eye liner style helps enlarge and elongate my naturally small eyes

Time to apply - 3mins

3. Mascara - Clinique High Impact in 01 Black
Last step lickity-split some lashings of mascara! A while ago I got a "Sephora Loves" 10 pack of different mascaras and this bad boy was included and ever since it's been my go to! I have short, super fine, curled lashes so my biggest concerns are volume and length without clumpy ends. So often I find a mascara that gives me both volume and length but leaves behind blobby ends that I then have to clean off and honestly I just cbf'd in the mornings. Clinique's High Impact just doesn't do that to me, I get lush, separated, inky black lashes with no fuss at all.

Time to apply -1min 30secs

And that's it folks! My basic full face routine when I'm rushing in the morning, haven't had caffeine yet and trying to hide last night's antic causing hangover and running late wanting to look fresh faced and ready for work!

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