March Lustables

Monday, March 10, 2014

March Lustables are here! Sorry for the fortnight or so of quiet/no blogging, but its been hectic around here! My 27th birthday was in the first week of March and between that and music festivals and shift work its been craycray lols. Click on to see this months Lustables....

So due to the crazypants times lately, some of the above lustables shown I actually already got/are on the way in the mail as lush lil treats for myself :) 

1) NARS Creamy Concealer in Custard - so I've never seen under eye concealer as a "I'll die if I have to leave the house without it!" makeup staple, but recently due to a busy lifestyle, a lack of sleep and quite frankly getting closer to 30, I've started to notice more pronounced dark under-eye circles that my foundation just isn't up to the task of covering. I have a few concealers already in my arsenal but I'm still on the look for a holy grail item, hell I'd settle for just a non-orange, non-creasing concealer!

2) Sugarpill's Goldilux Loose Pigment - a long time lustable, I must confess at a recent sale on Sugarpill's site I finally got to snap this one up! It's still on it's way and should be here by the end of the month :)

3) Chanel Crème Blush in Inspiration - I love me a good cream blush!! I've had my eye on these for a while and the other day managed to nip into David Jones for a swatch (lols I missed my bus and standing around in 37 degree heat waiting for the next one was not going to happen....hello 40mins of swatching!). The colour I'm most keen on is Inspiration which is a lovely petal pink in a cooler tone that's lighter in person than in the above image from Chanel's site. 

4) Eve Lom Cleanser - another sneaky one this month as I ordered it on the 25th of Feb as a luxurious treat-yo-self bday present for myself. It arrived today!! More about this one in it's own post though.  

5) Cult Nails in Nevermore - I've seen this brand's polishes regularly posted on and I must admit the swatches have had me curious. Recently I saw this shade and as boring as black nail polish may seem to some, NOTHING beats a killer/perfect one coat shiny black nail polish formula! With our West Australian excuse for Autumn just beginning, my love of all dark colours can finally be flaunted - so need this polish!

6) RBR's Loose Glitter Pigment in Sleeping Under a Mandarin Tree - let's face it I'm a sucker for any pretty eye colour. My other half likes to joke that I'm a colour collector/addict more so than makeup obsessed lol as I have more eyeshadow than I could ever use in a single lifetime (he thinks he's funny). Anyways I love RBR's products and this is such a pretty shade, I mainly want it to layer over other colours to create awesome duchrome like affects! 

and that's this month's lustables! 

Future reading this month will hopefully include a new regular post I'm working on that's about spotlighting a bunch of a brand's products, some mini haul posts, some more review posts and at the request of one of my gfs to please post a foundation and/or blush review instead of another eyeshadow one lol, and maybe a tutorial or two for some new looks - if I can get my lighting sorted out! Let me know if there's anything else you would like to see in the comments below. 

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