La Femme Blush review - Holy Pigment Batman!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Yes pigment indeed! I picked these little beauties up at Camera Ready Cosmetics for an absolute steal of just $2.79 USD (approx $3.08AUD at the time of writing). They are 36mm blush refill pans designed to go in either your own empty palette, or one of those available by La Femme.

I have a confession, blushes for me are a bit like my relationship with eye shadows, I have a serious "gottacollectemall!" colour addiction lols. The funny thing is I probably only use 3 of my blushes in my collection on a regular basis. I'm terrible, I know!

On to the review!

This was my first foray into the brand and after an hour or two trying to pick just the right shades and googling like a mad women for swatches, I finally settled on the below 8 blushes.

Top Row L-H: Indian Rose, Mocha, Peach, Terracotta bounced artificial light
Bottom Row L-H: Fuchsia, Flamingo, Dusty Rose, Heather bounced artificial light

Top Row L-H: Indian Rose, Mocha, Peach, Terracotta direct flash
Bottom Row L-H: Fuchsia, Flamingo, Dusty Rose, Heather direct flash

- Bright Pinks -

Fuchsia - super bright in -yo-face cool toned medium pink and a dead set dupe for Sugarpill's Dollipop and reminds me of NARS's Desire blush. It has a matte texture, is incredibly pigmented but does "dust up" when you swirl your brush in it - it also stains like a mofo! Surprisingly it blends easily with beautifully diffused smoothness. A shade that's not for the feint of heart, it can be dialed down if need be.

Flamingo Pink - a lovely pale matte, cool toned, pastel pink that reminds me of Gaeity by NARS and theBalm's Down Boy. Again this one blends really well just like Fuchsia but is a lot more forgiving when being applied in a rush! I can see this making it's way into my regular winter makeup rotation.

Left: Fuchsia heavily swatched and blended out Right: Flamingo heavily swatched and blended out

- Rose/Mauve Pinks -

Indian Rose - is a warm ruddy almost berry toned medium pink with the barest silver and possibly pink micro shimmer that when swatched seems to be more matte than not. Blending on this one was a little more stubborn and once placed did not want to move much, just fade out completely when blended with a clean brush. the shade itself is again super pigmented and with such a red undertone it requires careful application or could easily end up clown-like.

Mocha - is a softer more muted/dusty version of Indian Rose with a shit tonne more sparkle. Good thing is once you blend it out, the initial glitter-bomb transforms into a lovely sheen with tiny pinpricks of sparkle. Pigmented again so be careful, however the softer tone of the colour is forgiving. It's also powdery in the pan due to how soft it is so no brush stabbing!

Dusty Rose - like it's name is another muted rose shade however with a lot more brown/peach tones that give it warmth. Also another glitter-bomb loaded with micro shimmer, like Mocha it blends delightfully well into a lovely glowy sheen.

L: Indian Rose heavy & blended out M: Mocha heavy & blended out R: Dusty Rose heavy & blended out

- Corals & Tans -

Heather - a gorgeous light beige tan that's been kissed with a touch of pink. It's the most neutral toned blush out of all 8 and is such a natural petal shade - the only misdemeanor is the micro glitter. If it were not for the micro glitter it would be the perfect bronzer for warm fair skin tones eg my light olive skin in winter. By no means is the glitter overly obnoxious as its sparsely spread throughout the blush, its just such a contrasting reflective silver that your eye instantly picks it up against a natural tone of Heather that it can look like you have eyeshadow fallout all over your cheeks.

Peach - straight up matte peach brown. Its one of those colour's that smack bang in the middle of three others - peach, brown and pink. A great summer colour with a bronzer and some golden highlighter its definitely a work horse kind of shade. Only issues with it is blending can be a little patchy and stubborn and the pigmentation is crazy strong so use a light hand for the best results.

Terracotta - when I hear terracotta I think red clay, terracotta pots and a strong matte warm redish orange shade. This blush is a definitely not that lol, its a super-coral loaded all the micro glitterz! Some look silver others look gold but overall it blends out to a lovely sheen as opposed to NARS's Orgasm shimmer-bomb-uber-reflective-my-face-is-a-mirror affect. It also reminds me of theBalm's Hot Mama (which is one of my regular shades) just waaaaaay more pigmented and definitely a brighter more intense red toned coral shade. Blends super easily but be warned the pigmentation is again off the charts.

L: Heather heavy & blended out M: Peach heavy & blended out R: Terracotta heavy & blended out

Overall Thoughts:

Pros: great price, great colour range, great pigmentation to suit a variety of skin tones/depths
Cons: can be powdery and kick up a lot of product when using a brush, great pigmentation means a lighter hand is needed for fairer skin tones to avoid the easily-achieved-accidental-clown-like-crazy-face blush (unless that's what you're going for =P ), blend-ability is hit and miss across the range I chose, some were great, others really stubborn.

Personally I like the ones I have and on occasion do reach for them. Would I purchase again? Possibly if I was after a particular season on-trend colour that I knew wouldn't last past the next season would look ridiculous on me but I wanted to play around with it minus the cost of investing in a NARS or MAC counterpart, otherwise most probably not as my usual slapdash blush technique just doesn't allow the time or patience needed to utilize these properly.

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