Quickie Holy Grail Post (QHG): Glitter Eyeliner!!

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Today I've got a QHG post about my fave glitter eyeliner of all time.

It's by the Australian "drugstore" brand Chi Chi and can be found pretty much everywhere (Target, Myer, pharmacies, Gloss Accessories etc) and is a gorgeous white/gold combo called Party Princess. I restocked on it not too long ago and thanks to a sale I got it in a 3 x full size pack of eyeliners for only $14.

I believe the 3 packs are usually a rrp of $19.95 and the individual ones are $9.95 where you can find them - although I'm not sure if you can still get the individual ones.

I first experienced this glitter eyeliner ages ago after trawling through some Myer post-Christmas sale bins and finding a Chi Chi glitter eyeliner minis set that included all the colours in the range. I fell in love with two of the 6 shades immediately however Party Princess quickly become my number one fave.

It has this gorgeous fairy dust sparkle quality to it - I'm a sucker for anything that's a rainbow reflect in a white shimmer type glitter and this hits the sweet spot. It reminds of NYX's Glitter on the Go in Snow loose glitter (which I also have and maybe discontinued by the looks of it but you can still get it on ebay). It's full of these gorgeous warm glowing fire-opalescent mandarin sparkles that have a duochrome shift from ember orange to lime green to mint.

The applicator itself is OK - I like that it's a brush with flexible bristles and is super thin which makes it easy to apply the tiniest amounts along the lower lash line, however when placing near the tear duct and inner corner of my eye, I find it's harder to cover a larger surface area with and normal transfer it onto a point/fine tipped eye liner brush instead.

The density of the product is great, its not one of those thin watery types - fairly goopy and loaded with glitter sparkles. The longevity is fantastic too - once it dries it won't migrate and has time and again stood up to an entire night of dancing :)

I think I might keep these "quickie holy grail" or QHG posts as a thing! :) What do you guys think?

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