Sale-iciousness and Rumors of New Eyeshadow Colours for RBR!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Just got an email today from Rouge Bunny Rouge, one of my all time fave brands (which reminds me I need to do a "see my stash" post of all my RBR goodies! - soon I promise) that more items have been added to their Winter Sale.

For those interested in the brand, this is a great way to pick up a few items to try as most things on sale are just shades/colours of permanent lines, however do beware a few items have all their shades on sale and might be on the way out. One of my all time favorite eyeshadows from them Bejewlled Skylark is up for grabs and I just spotted Original Skin Blush in Florita is available too, which I personally have been lemming after for ages so will definitely be snapping that up! 

However my main reason for this post is that a while back when RBR launched the Utopia look, I noticed a few shadows that were listed as being used in the look were not yet available to buy. further investigation showed that all their UTOPIA blog post mentioned  was..... 

image from Rouge Bunny Rouge's blog 
The latest shades of our Long-lasting Eye Shadow WHEN BIRDS ARE SINGING... are ‘Rain Dove’, a light caffé-latte hue, and ‘Rufus-tailed Weaver’, a darker dusky brown
and in the Utopia tutorial...
Follow with the Long-lasting Eye Shadows - apply WHEN BIRDS ARE SINGING... in ‘Rain Dove’ (comings soon) on the lid to illuminate, and add definition by blending new ‘Rufous-tailed Weaver’ (coming soon) into the crease

Hmmmmmm......very interesting indeed!!!

I've been diligently stalking their web boutique for months now and no sign of these new puppies has appeared, not even a whisper, but maybe this Winter Sale is a sign that they may be released soon? 

*does excited anticipation dance and falls off chair* 

Then again it may be nothing and I'm just another crazy conspiracy theorist lol. Thoughts?

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